Light and shadow are the foundation of all that we see and perceive. Over the years we’ve contained and controlled that perception to an ever growing presence of screens. Video monitors big and small, box in the potential of light and shadow reducing even the most sophisticated imagery to 2 dimensional, bite sized portions of our larger environment; pocket sized and easy to dismiss. Spaces is my attempt to show and explore the power of light and shadow to transform our perceptions of the world around us. I’m most fascinated by the relationship of light and architecture. When light interplays with the elements of architecture and truly becomes one with a structure it transforms both elements into something all together different. Architecture absorbs projected light and changes it’s texture, composition, color and relationship to the viewer. By bending and shaping the light in a hyper accurate way we can bend and shape the physical properties of our environment. This unique transformational relationship could challenge and evolve both the practical and artful elements of our lives. From simple way-finding and safety applications to the complete transformation of narrative cinema, the unleashed potential of light and shadow is a fascinating thing to explore.