1984 - Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

During the 2018 season the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company put on a production of George Orwell’s 1984 adapted for the stage by Robert Icke and Duncan MacMillan and directed by Brian Issac Philips. To help bring this classic cautionary tale to life the production decided to incorporate social media marketing, projection mapping, and live video. We created projection mappings for both inside the exterior or the Cincinnati Shakespeare Theater and the stage to bring entice people into seeing the show as well as projection mappings to turn the plane white sets into the various locations from throughout the play. Prominent through everything is the all-seeing “telescreen” which in our play took the form of eyes, television monitors, live-stream monitors, and for a modern twist digital camera lenses. Utilizing these technologies allowed us to transport audiences into the world of 1984 more thoroughly than would have been possible with a traditional set.